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Profitable Pricing: A Guide for Ambitious Business Owners

Without understanding the numbers, pricing strategy and price psychology, most small businesses end up competing on price with no real differentiation in the market.

In this free eBook, I’ll show you how important the correct pricing is to your company’s profitability. 

You’ll discover

  • Why price is the most misunderstood and overlooked driver of profit; and yet it is the most powerful
  • How to choose the right pricing strategy
  • The harsh reality that most business owners are unaware of
  • How to put your prices up without losing customers
  • And, ultimately, how to build a more profitable and successful business.

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    Jim Rayner – Accountant & Pricing Consultant

    About the author

    As a professional accountant I’ve been working with small businesses and getting to grips with their numbers for over 35 years.

    I also have a Cambridge Maths degree, so I really do understand numbers! And like you, I’m a business owner so I know how it feels.

    At  James Rayner Consulting we specialise in helping ambitious business owners build more profitable and successful businesses. 

    Since price is the most powerful lever in the profit equation we have invested in training, knowledge, resources and tools to build on our accounting experience and concentrate on helping businesses tackle the challenges of pricing.