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Jim Rayner – Accountant & Pricing Consultant

Jim Rayner

I’m a grey-haired accountant with over 35 years experience working with the owners of small businesses. Along the way I’ve been a partner in a firm of Chartered Accountants, run my own accountancy practice and seen life from the other side of the desk while managing the finance functions of a traditional High Street law firm and a Bristol media and publishing company.

One of the joys of the accountancy profession (apart from the daily thrill of working with numbers, obviously) is the opportunity to meet the owners of small businesses and hear them talk with passion and enthusiasm about their own business – though the abattoir guided tour was perhaps not an experience I’m eager to repeat. Like their owners, all small business are unique, but they face many of the same challenges in the pursuit of healthy profits.

Like you I’m a business owner so I know how it feels, and I’ve made many of the classic mistakes of small businesses. One of those mistakes is getting our pricing strategies wrong. And it results in us working too hard for too little money.

Pricing is difficult. Most small businesses price on emotion and gut feel, with one eye over their shoulder at what competitors are doing.

As a Pricing Consultant I use my skill with numbers and my business experience to help you analyse your business model, understand different price points and identify a pricing strategy that will maximise your profits.

Oh, I also have a Cambridge maths degree, so I really do know how to use numbers.

And when not doing numbers I’m also a ghost writer of newsletter and blog articles, with a gift for explaining complex technical stuff in straightforward, readable English. So far as I know Bill Bryson has never attempted an exposition of the VAT Place of Supply rules, but if he did I’d like the think mine would run him a close second.